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California Love because my city has Angels.
Live The Adventure LIfe.

When I die, feed me back to whence I came. No casket, no fire, no funeral, just throw my body into the fucking Forest and party your asses off. No tears for me, as I want to feed the land that fed me. To be eaten by scavengers and trees. I want to become a part of California 100% naturally. I want to give birth with my death. I will be forever living. #california

That moment I was telling you about earlier…..@scaggot drop kicking our TV! I am on safety patrol with pillows hahah! #hesh

You know you had a great party when you wake up and remember that @scaggot and yourself decided to break the Big Screen TV (Casey jump kicked it) and then let people lite it on fire in your backyard. #hesh
Start the Revolution!
Fuck yeah! Extreme Doritos!!!!@scottycyphers #bmx #california #LA #bike #smartandfinal #extremedoritos

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My pussy is so wet right now, OMG! #pizza #pizzaparty #drunk #spa #california
"Cyphers Forever Motha Fucka!!!" - @scottycyphers #bmx #California #LA

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Another one of @scottycyphers #bmx #california #hollywood
@scottycyphers getting down a Wall Ride with this random dude who stopped to take some pictures with us. #bmx #california #LA #hollywood

Haven’t posted it in a while but yes… I still smoke weed! Haha forever… Probably….

Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother! @bangerrang  #California
West Hollywood breaks from shooting aren’t so bad!! Always rockin that Kona Brewing Co. got @scottycyphers trying to convince me to move to Hawaii with him. #california #westho #LA #bmx #skate #summertime
Robin Williams- your movie “What Dreams May Come” changed my life in mass amounts of ways. It’s great to see so many people who cared about this mans life. A lot of you may not know that he suffered from Bipolar Disorder, a illness that I myself share. Robin was and is an inspiration to all Manic Depressives everywhere, He showed us that our disorder does not limit our futures and that we hold mass amounts of character, love, and intelligence. It is a sad day for the suffers of the disorder as he succumbed to his illness and took his own life from depression. Please do not take this as a sign that we cannot overcome this! If you suffer from Bipolar or just simply depression disorders and have suicidal thoughts please seek help from loved ones. If you do not have loved ones please contact me. Your life is worth it! #robinwilliams #bipolardisorder #depression #beautifullife